For a movie admirer like me, Cannes is known for only one thing - Cannes Film Festival. The entry roads to Cannes, marking the periphery of the city, exudes none of the grandeur we see on TV and photos. In fact, it reminded me of one of the crowded streets of Bengaluru; sans the crowd. But initial wariness wore out as soon as we hit the center of the city.

Cannes city is divided into two sections - the new and the old. The new city consists of the harbor, casinos, hotels and the convention center for the film festival. There is a promenade. A road runs alongside the promenade. Facing the promenade and on the other side of the road are shops for heavy-duty brands. You could find most of the famous brands here. If that is not enough, there is another road running parallel to these lines of shops where you will find the rest of the heavy-duty brands. The hotels boasts of celebrity clientele.

The old city is dedicated to the villas and the government buildings. One of the small roads curves and straightens to lead to a spot offering a panoramic view of Cannes. The road is very narrow but unbelievably calm and serene. You could walk in these streets and lose track of time. The view on top is excellent.

After 3 days in Cote d'Azur, I have seen many coastal towns and enjoyed the sunny weather. That might be the reason why Cannes did not sweep of my feet except for the film festival and celebrity related buildings.

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  1. buddy wonderful post n pics..good 2 c u having a nice time der and yet rememebering all of us blogfriends..

  2. such a beautiful place!
    you are lucky Nona..I wish I could go to this place someday:-(

  3. @Ramesh - :) You guys are always in my thoughts.

    @SM - Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

    @Mishi - Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are able to go there someday. :)


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