A little girl with interesting answers

There was an Indian family comprising of dad, mom and a daughter aged six in my tour group traveling to Cote d'Azur. The little girl was chirpy and was asking for McDonalds by the third day. As luck would have it, there was one in Cannes.

When I asked why she likes McDonalds, her answers were eye-openers. "I like McDonalds", she answered immediately. This is a vague answer. At the same time, I was not prepared for what followed this cryptic reply. "I don't go to McDonalds everyday. Only once a week. Moreover, I eat a lot of green vegetables every day."

Although I didn't intend to lecture on junk food, I was impressed by her answers. She had effectively checkmated anyone who was going to hammer the importance of healthy food into her. She anticipated the next question and responded. How many of us could do this?

The best part of our interaction happened when we bid goodbye to each other. "Did you enjoy the trip?", I asked. "Yes", pat came the answer and her face lit up with a beautiful smile. "Which place did you like the most?", I persisted. She innocently replied, "Hotel".

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  1. haha cute lil angel!
    I wish we could all be this straight forward when it comes to answering.
    no doubt. kids of this age are intelligent...

  2. very true ... many times, i am surprised by my 5yr's understanding of the situation ...

  3. Really cute and to the point.

  4. @Mishi - :) Yes, kids continue to amaze me.

    @Laks - We should learn from her?

    @Rama - Thanks.

    @Prasad - I agree


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