Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2

A few years back, Lord Shen(Gary Oldman) the heir to the Gongmen City in China masters the power to manipulate fireworks. According to a soothsayer(Michelle Yeoh), Lord Shen will be decimated by a warrior in black and white. Enraged after hearing the prophecy, Lord Shen embarks on a mission to decimate the panda population. When his parents comes to know about the atrocities committed by Lord Shen, they are ashamed and banish him from Gongmen City. During his exile, Lord Shen prepares a destructive weapon using metals.

At present, Po(Jack Black) - the Dragon Warrior - is training under Master Shifu(Dustin Hoffman) in the Valley of Peace. Now, the Furious Five - Tigress(Angelina Jolie), Monkey(Jackie Chan), Mantis(Seth Rogen), Viper(Lucy Liu) and Crane(David Cross) - are Po's best friends. As part of the next stage in the training, Master Shifu tells Po to master inner peace. When the valley of peace is looted by Lord Shen's henchmen who are in search for metals, Po and the Furious Five intervenes to save the villagers. During the fight with the evil wolves, Po remembers an incident from childhood on seeing a symbol on the armor worn by one of the wolves.

After this incident, Po visits his father Mr Ping to learn more about himself. Ping admits that Po was adopted. Po was found by Ping in a radish crate. When Po is worried about his origin, Master Shifu receives a message from Gongmen City. Lord Shen has captured the city and is on a mission to eradicate Kung Fu. Now, a troubled Po has to rescue Kung Fu along with the Furious Five, learn about his origin and also comes to terms with himself.

Jennifer Yuh Nelson directs this highly entertaining and worthy sequel to Kung Fu Panda. There are more characters(identifiable voices) this time around. The movie keeps you engrossed with spectacular visuals and also throw thrilling punches every few minutes. The success of the movie lies in making the viewer looking forward to the final showdown despite the viewer knowing exactly what Panda will do to save Kung Fu. The movie also has morals and lessons hidden inside the story. The background score plays an important role in the movie.

The movie is a Jack Black show. Jack's Po flounders all along making him vulnerable yet dear. The rest of the cast provide adequate support for Jack Black. The voice modulation of Gary Oldman is praiseworthy.

Must see with the kids in 3D.

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: ****

Tags: Movies,Jack Black,Angelina Jolie,Jackie Chan,Seth Rogen,Dustin Hoffman,Gary Oldman,Michelle Yeoh,Jennifer Yuh Nelson,Action


  1. Entertaining movie. That crocodile was van damme.

  2. Hope to watch it with the kids this weekend. If it is still running at Kochi that is.. :)

  3. @Harish - I agree! I didn't recognize his voice. When the credits came up, I realized it was Van Damme. Similarly, for other warrior was Dennis Haysbert from 24.

  4. @Dominic - Enjoy the movie. Hopefully, it is still running there. :)

  5. hey it sounds fun..i needed to find a good movie for young cousins,thankz for sharing this:-)

  6. "aaah! my old enemy .... " ... loved that bit

  7. @Mishi - Enjoy the movie.

    @Laks - he he. There were a lot of funny lines. Ping saying he made a big decision that day of not making soup without radish and also adopting Po. :)

  8. I saw the first part..someone who saw part 2 says it is better than first, what do u say?


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