Nice, Eze village, Perfumerie Galimard

In order to enjoy the beauty of a place, it is important have a good vantage point. I realized it on the way to Eze village! The bus climbed up the winding roads to the top of the hills giving me a breathtaking view of Nice. The water is still blue; thank you sunlight and the season. There are boats and yachts on water giving me a sense of loss. I couldn't go for the cruise!

The first stop was at Perfumerie Galimard. The place serves as a center to explain the various processes of perfume making ending up with the display of their products. The perfume factory is located in Grasse and this is a good outlet. Anyone going to Monaco has tonpass through this village. The founder's name is also Galimard and the factory is in operation since the early 1700s. There was a huge inaccurate map of the world in the shop showing the locations where ingredients of their perfume originates from. India supplies two of their ingredients.

As luck would have it, there was an English speaking guide. She explained the two methods of making perfumes. One is similar to making alcohol. Heat it in one pan and collect the vapors at the other end. The second is more complex. The flowers are embedded in wax to absorb the scent. The wax then goes through a complex process to extract the essence of the scent. The wax is subsequently used for various purposes like scented candles, bathing soap etc.

Although they have a wide variety of products, the emphasis was only on 6 items - 4 for women and 2 for men. Out of the women's perfumes, there was one dedicated for Princess Grace Kelly. This perfume is created from white flowers as the princess loved white flowers. It is in fact an apt dedication; the smell reminds of her smile and the ethereal beauty. Out of the men's perfume, more emphasis was given on the one selected by Leonardo DiCaprio on his visit to the perfumerie. You can't blame them as it is a powerful endorsement. Yes, the ladies gasped and the men smirked on hearing this. Also, the men quietly bought it later!

The hill facing the perfumerie has a church in the middle level and a garden on the upper level. It is a short and steep walk up. There are shops on both your sides in the narrow lanes leading to the church and the garden. While the church is free for visitors, the garden has entry fees is 5 Euros. But you get an excellent view of the coast and mountains standing in the garden.

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