Brigitte Bardot! That is how they would try to introduce you to this place! She was discovered here. But if you are like me, you would not still make the connection! The French cinema has popularized this place. Still no connection? This is part of Cote d’Azur aka French Riviera. You remember the yachts, non-existent clothing and the French from the gossip magazines and the movies? This town has a history as a strategic port once and also played an important role in the Allied landing in WWII.

If you have been to a beach town before, you will still be surprised when you reach here. It is primarily because the smell of money! You can see yachts, of all sizes, lined up here. Facing the sea, you will find a lot of cafes, restaurants and artists selling their pictures. These places are good to cater to your hunger and fatigue. It is breezy but you will not be able to enjoy the sea because of parking spaces, for both boats and land vehicles, obstructing the view.

You can walk along the coast and find vantage points to admire the water along with numerous boats launched on this water. The walk will also lead you to the original buildings with garish yet pleasing colors! You can also walk through the streets leading into the town and find quiet streets lined with houses.

The road leading to Saint-Tropez reminded me of the 17 mile drive in Monterrey Bay! But unlike Monterrey, the roads were lined with luxury resorts.

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  1. Beautiful place.Thanks for the pictures and information shared.Happy weekend Nona.


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