Shitty documents

A very long weekend has gone by. The new work week has begun with internal reviews of multiple documents. Facing the customer and hence always at the risk of getting burnt, the reviews of my colleagues have been meticulous. The cultural diversity, linguistic issues and geographical separation are also slowly taking a toll on them. Of the documents received, some of them are good and requires little rework. Some of them are really bad! After reviewing such a bad document, an exasperated colleague approached me.

Colleague: This is bad.

Me: *nods sympathetically*

Colleague: Anyways we are not going to submit these documents if they are not in a good shape. Let them take time, forget the deadlines and produce something which is good. That, none of us lose time and the reviews are effective.

Me: *still nodding sympathetically*

Colleague: *confused by my silence* It is an internal review? Is that why they send us shitty documents?

Me: *smiles*

Colleague: *shocked* Is this what they were sending to the customer before we came in?!

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