Sycophancy or Reverence?

A couple of days, I witnessed a reportee and his boss at lunch. The reportee made the same choices as his boss. The boss is a strict vegetarian while the reportee is no longer a vegeterian. I know this because I have ventured out in the city with the reportee searching for food together wherein he tasted a plate of mutton reluctantly and ended up loving it.

As the boss is a strict vegetarian ended up opting for couscous and boiled green beans. Yes, I know it does not even come close to a palatable combination. But the boss had no other choice. The reportee also went for it disregarding the saucy chicken dish.

In all fairness to the actors involved, I could only see reverence in the eyes of the reportee. It was not sycophancy.

Have you witnessed similar instances in your work life?

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  1. If my companion is a vegetarian, and if the place is good, I will have veg. No issues.

  2. well..dunno..depends on individuals..

  3. so ur good in observing people!

  4. @Harish - That is nice of you.

    @Ramesh - :)

    @Tomz - Thank you


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