What about "Thank You"?

One among the many changes noted by my wife after we moved back to India was my reluctance in expressing gratitude. According to her, I used to thank a person after they have answered my query; after asking for directions, at the grocery store etc. So when my French friends recounted their experiences of Mumbai-Pune travel and raised questions based on their observation, it reminded me of my wife's futile attempts in reforming me.

My French friends arrived in Mumbai, stayed overnight in a nearby hotel and then hired a cab for their travel to Pune. Their travel to Pune was uneventful except for the numerous digital pictures shot in a short span of 3 hours. When they reached the outskirts of Pune, the driver stopped to ask the directions to the hotel as he was unsure of the exact location. What happened there was astonishing for them!

The cab driver pulled over and rolled down the window. He then produced a sound that almost resembled like how cattle is summoned by their masters. After finding the directions from the passerby who came close to the car, the driver nonchalantly rolled up the windows and moved on. He didn't even bother to say a "Thank you".

The way in which the cab driver called out to the passerby is belittling the latter. But I do not attribute this as a frequently seen phenomenon. But the absence of "Thank you"! You can find this anywhere in India. Why can’t we say “Thank you”? If that is too westernized, a smile and a nod will do. Buy why don't we do it?

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  1. Even I have the same question. Probably, people do feel that if someone tells you directions he is not doing big favor.

    Nonetheless, I personally never forget to say thank you after asking directions.

  2. I startled the helper in a sweet house few minutes back when i said Thanks to him.We are not used to of giving as well as receiving it.

  3. i think there r lots of good people too out der who have these courtesies...of course, black sheep r der..

  4. @Prasad - That is nice of you. :)

    @Kavita - :) That was really funny!

    @Ramesh - We have black sheep in greater quantity. ;)

  5. For me saying thanks comes very naturally. I don't know how anybody can be without saying thanks. The example of the driver- he has absolutely no manners.


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