What do you know about raising a kid?

At a dinner with fellow expatriates, I was seated next to a beautiful woman from San Francisco. I moved out of the bay area in 2006, but the bay area has not moved out of my life. Everywhere, I meet people from the bay area. If you think this is exaggeration, imagine my astonishment on finding a waiter who has moved to Paris from the bay area.

Normally, I end up giving recommendations on the best Indian restaurants whenever I meet fellow expatriates from a different country. In return, I ask their recommendations for the best places to eat their kind of food. But in this case, I was thrown off-track by her recommendations. She pointed out the best places to have Indian food and also Indian sweets. A brief Q & A later, I learnt she had spent one and a half years in India and hence the knowledge of what is best.

Since we are both married, our conversation turned to family soon.

She: Do you have kids?

Me: Yes, a daughter. 5 years old.

She: A monster?

Me: No no no. She is a very good kid. *Sensing it is my turn* So, do you have kids?

She: *without hesitation* I have a cat. *raises her eyebrow*

Me: You plan to keep it when you have a baby? I hear a lot of people give away their pets when they have kids.

She: Well, I’m not sure if I want to have a kid.

Me: *encouraging* It is exciting to raise a child.

She: *with a raised eyebrow and a big smile* What do you know? Your wife is taking care of the kid and you are miles away! 

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  1. She is correct.
    But why suddenly from "me" it became "He"

  2. @Rama - he he! Thanks for leaving me out in the cold by siding with "she". As for mentioning "He" suddenly, it was a mistake from my side. I have corrected it now. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

  3. hehe ..a memorable experience

  4. That last statement was difficult to tackle. Right?

  5. interesting conversation indeeed

  6. lol. well said :p

  7. @Harish - Very very difficult. Apt for "No comments".

    @Ramesh - Thank you.

    @JoshiDaniel- Well said? So you are not with me. If you are not with me, then by definition against me. :p

  8. "What do you know?" my wife always asks this question when I say raising a kid is easy!!

    well, what do we men know?

  9. @JoshiMukard - Men! Nobody understands our value?? :)

  10. Hi...I'm Lakshmi's friend...I've always been a lurker...found it terribly difficult to resist commenting here :) :)
    Loved the conversation and the final statement :)!

  11. Wonderful and interesting conversation. A good one.
    You are welcome at my new posts-

  12. My father has taken these pictures.

  13. @Dhanya - he he. Like the word "lurker". Great, you came out of that mode and posted comments. :)

    @Babli - Thanks.

    @Sachin - Thanks for dropping by. I will check it out.

  14. Yes,she is probably right.You should have said,it is exciting to see them growing up!


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