Books: Moonlight Mile

Twelve years back, Patrick Kenzie had located the missing child Amanda McCready. At that time, the decision made by him almost ended his relationship with Angela “Angie” Gennaro. But now, he is married to Angie and they are both parents to a three year old daughter. In a changing world, Patrick is taking up odd jobs to provide for his family. He deliberately stays away from potentially dangerous jobs. When Amanda’s aunt Beatrice pleads Patrick to find a 16 year old Amanda who has gone missing again, Patrick and Angie cannot stay away for long. This is one chance for them to redeem themselves. But, the world is more violent and volatile than the past.

This is the sixth book in the Kenzie-Gennaro series by Dennis Lehane. The main theme of the book is the search for the truth. But the most interesting part are the subtexts. Patrick and Angie are older and they have a family. They cannot be impulsive like in the previous books because of safety of their family. They want to leave all the violence behind. But it is not too easy. So, the book effectively transfers the fear, nostalgia and longing in the minds of lead protagonists into the mind of the reader.

The book thrills and hence it is a brisk read. If you are new to the series, read the previous ones before you take this one up.

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