Books: Pardon My French

Charles Timoney compiles a list of useful French words into this book to help expatriates understanding French conversation better and also educating them on the cultural history behind the words. Charles lived in France for a considerable period of time. Like any expatriate, he had his share of difficulties in adapting to the new environment. These experiences form the primary source for the book.

In order to navigate at ease, Charles has divided the book into sections like Food and Drink, Education, Entertainment and Sport etc. He also a specific section denoting the language of young people and slang. He also gives quick tips about grammar. In each section, he starts with words in the alphabetical order barring one section. For each word, he uses different techniques to describe the meaning. On some occasions, it is the correct usage while in others it is the cultural genesis. There are a lot of French sentences used throughout the book. So if you do not understand French, it is better to have your French to English guide or Google translate.

This book is only suited for someone who has lived or still living in France. For somebody who is still living in France, this serves as a good reference. For somebody who has lived in France, this provides a lot of lighter moments. For someone who is planning to visit France, this is not for you yet.

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