Books: Prayers for Rain

When Karen Nichols commits suicide, Patrick Kenzie experiences pangs of guilt. Patrick had met Karen only once when she sought his help to get rid of a stalker. Months later, Karen tries to reach Patrick and leaves a voicemail in his machine. Patrick in his haste forgets to return the call. Now, the sudden news of her death shakes Patrick.

For Patrick, Karen was the poster child for prim and proper. What drove her to suicide? Patrick decides to unravel the mystery. To find the truth, he enlists the help of his estranged girlfriend Angie Gennaro and his childhood friend Bubba Rogowski. Very soon, he is pitted against a sick and devious mind.

Dennis Lehane continues the Kenzie-Gennaro saga with this book which is the fifth in the series. This time around, Dennis makes the proceeding more personal and emotional as Patrick’s inner circle is threatened. Patrick and Angie are the same; tireless and adamant to find the truth. It is the schemes hatched by the antagonists to exert pressure on Patrick and Angie that makes this a very interesting read.

Go for it if you are already a Kenzie-Gennaro fan. As this book has many references to what happened in the past, you will not find it interesting if you pick this up without reading the earlier ones in the series.

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