Is he gay?

"Which girl do you like in your group?" A seemingly innocent question prevalent among the guys. But when my French friends asked this question to my Indian friend, the answer was immediate. "I don't look at these things!". This short and quick reply opened another question in my French friend's mind; a question about his sexual orientation. “Is he gay?”.

Knowing the person and having discussed similar topics with him, I was sure on his inclinations and interests. Yes, he is shy and takes time to open up. But if you have abundance of patience and time (like me), it is easy to get a response from him.

His response also provided fodder for other hilarious events. It did make my French friend and his companions nervous for my Indian friend accompanied to most places during their stay in India. So his interactions were always analyzed. They struggled to classify his interactions as an friendly one or an invitation.

The final stroke was the SMS they received after they boarded the return flight. The SMS was short asking if everything went well. The flight was scheduled to take off in the wee hours of the morning. The timing of the SMS only added to their suspicions.

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