Is it a clear message?

“What does he want? He is not sending out a clear message.” That was my friend crying in anguish about his boss.

My friend was upset when a systems integretor announced a 14 day delay for a critical deliverable on the eve of delivery. As everything was hunky-dory until then, he was completely shocked. By this time, he had also scheduled the testing phase of the solution with other contractors and his internal customers. Now, he has to go back, cut the sorry figure and announce the delay to everyone. This is never an easy task.

So, he stormed right into the office of his boss. There, he poured out all his worries and frustrations. After listening to him, his boss suggested to escalate the matter. Once escalated, the boss was sure the systems integrator will reduce the delay.

A pause transpired after they zeroed in the plan. Then the boss warned him to be careful. The system integrator will reduce the delay at the cost of quality.

The last statement was not a clear message according to my friend. Now should he escalate to reduce the delay or should he accept the delay?

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