Lessons from the visit to Musee Guimet

Buddhism spread to other parts of Asia. This is something I have not only read in books & magazines but also learnt in school. Even this learning could not hide my surprise when I found common characteristics in the Asian culture while strolling Musee Guimet in Paris.

Musee Guimet is a museum dedicated to showcase the various Asian cultures by displaying valuable and priceless sculptures from the past. It also host paintings from these culture but are very few in numbers compared to sculptures.

Spread over three floors, it has sections dedicated to many countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan etc.

All of these countries had a sculpture of Buddha. Depending on the country of origin, the figure of Buddha had either a smooth edge or a sharp edge. My definition stems from headgear worn by Buddha.

The names of many of the figures had origins in India. One of sculpture of a deity with 1000 arms was named Sahasrabuja. It was from one of South Asian country.

Even though we look different, there is so much in common that I am not aware of...

Picture Courtesy: http://www.guimet.fr

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  1. That's really nice information. If I visit Paris, I would definitely visit the museum.

  2. @Saru - Glad it helped you.


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