Movie Review: Columbiana

In Columbia, Don Luis dispatches his right hand man(Jordi Molla) to kill Fabio when the latter announces his retirement. Sensing the imminent threat, Fabio hands over a computer chip to his young daughter Cataleya(Amandla Stenberg) and instructs her to contact the US Embassy in case something happens to him. Fabio and wife are killed before they could escape to safety. But Cataleya escapes from the killers and contacts US Embassy. The US Embassy helps in her transport to US. Once in Miami, Cataleya slips away from the embassy official and travels to Chicago. At Chicago, she reunites with her uncle Emilio(Cliff Curtis) and her grandmother. Cataleya expresses her desire to become a killer to avenge the death of her parents. Emilio enrolls her in a school to get proper education first.

Now, years later, Cataleya(Zoe Saldana) is a trained assassin who carries out the contracts taken by Emilio. But unknown to Emilio, Cataleya has been killing high profile criminals for the past four years. After killing these criminals, Cataleya draws a Columbian orchid(Cataleya) on their bodies as her calling card. A FBI agent(Lennie James) has been tracking 22 murders in this style for the past four years. He is convinced about this being a message although he is not able to figure out the intended recipient. So he releases the details of the murders to the media. When the news hit the headlines, CIA is uncomfortable. Don Luis was given asylum by the CIA and now lives in New Orleans. CIA asks Don Luis to clean up the mess. Cataleya's revenge plans are accelerated by an overprotective & worried uncle, an obsessed FBI agent, a confused lover and vengeful Columbian thugs.

Olivier Megaton directs this thriller which is produced by Luc Besson. Like all the previous productions by Luc Besson, this also has a wafer thin plot but comprises of many adrenalin pumping sequences. The chase and action sequences along with the casting of Cataleya, both young and adult versions, are the strengths of the movie. The initial escape sequence of young Cataleya through Columbian rooftops & streets, Cataleya's escape from the FBI and fist fight in the climax are impressive.

The movie rests on Zoe Saldana and Amandla Stenberg. As the young Catalena, Amandla Stenberg captures our attention with her expressive face and her antics. As the adult Catalena, Zoe Saldana conveys the meanness and the helplessness effectively.

If you like predictable thrills with occasional surprises, this is for you.

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Rating: **


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