Ok to urinate but not ok to litter

Having adequate number of toilets is a bane everywhere. Yesterday in Champ de Mars during the Bastille Day celebration, there was a huge crowd. But there weren’t enough toilets around. The only way to find them was to walk out of the park into the side streets. This is inconvenient as you have to go through the security checks again.

So, I found a lot of people using the park as their toilets. Luckily for all of us in the park, these people would find a secluded spot near the bushes or even inside the bushes on the periphery of the park to do business. The periphery was nearly empty as everyone crowded in the center of the park.

Though there is lack of restraint with respect to the place of urination, the crowd were very disciplined with respect to littering. You could hardly find any group throwing remnants of food or the food holders in the parks. Once food and beverages were consumed, all of these were neatly packed in plastic bags to be thrown into the garbage receptors.

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  1. they look like they took all the tangible wastes ;)


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