Parents and their influence

Matha-Pitha-Guru-Daivam. This is hammered into us from an young age. In the order of importance, parents are placed before the teacher who in turn is placed before god. In life, there are many instances to prove this saying. Last Friday was yet another one for me.

Of late, I have been hunting for an apartment. To find an apartment in Paris is difficult; a topic that can go on and on. So, I will make it short. It is an humbling experience.

With the population on the rise, there are many applicants and hence the landlord can have their pick. They are several other factors like tenant's right which makes it a risky venture for the landlord. Even after knowing the pitfalls, sometimes I think being a landlord is a lucrative option.

So from my available options, I had zeroed on an apartment. This was a furnished one with a new look in a locality which is a stone's throw away from La Defense. I went through the rituals associated with a prospective renter. I submitted all the documents proving my identity, purpose of stay and income. The landlord promised to tell me the final decision on Friday. And on Friday, he promptly told me the final decision. No!

I am okay with the rejection. But the reason was the eye-opener. He decided to rent it out to two students whose “parents” agreed to be the guarantor for the rental agreement. Like I said before, Matha-Pitha-Guru-Daivam.

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  1. I came here earlier but due the line getting cut suddenly I could not post my comment.
    It is really sad that you could not get the apartment. But with the blessing of your Matha, Pitha, Guru, Daivam and not to forget your Mithr, you would definitely get a better apartment. All the best!

  2. @Rama - Thank you for the kind words.

  3. I think its ok, specially when any tenant is from other country. Even in our country now Police are asking us to verify about the prospective tenants before letting it out.

  4. @SAR - Yes, it is normal. In US, there run a credit check before renting you an apartment. I wish there was something similar over here instead of the "guarantor". It becomes very inconvenient for expatriates without any connection.

  5. I hope by this time you got yourself a good apartment .I have heard similar stories before and you are right they should have a credit check instead of the guarantor.

  6. @Kavita - No luck yet. Still hunting. There are few apartments and many applicants. It is tricky here.


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