Times are tough!

In Paris, the landlord can only ask for a month's rent as a caution deposit. So I was surprised when the agent requested for 3 months of rent; one month's rent each for caution deposit, first month's rent and last month's rent. Normally, it is caution deposit and first month's rent. So, I asked her the reason.

The agent gave me two reasons. The first was sensible and the second reason was surprising. For a furnished apartment, the owner can ask for more than one month's rent. This sounded okay to me. Then, the agent added. The times are tough for everyone. So the extra month is good safety mechanism for the owner. How is this right?

How is this right if times are indeed tough? In tough times, how can you shell out extra money? In tough times, how do you expect people to pay exorbitant prices? Aren't you accelerating the downfall by these stringent measures?

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  1. i thought things r better der!! it seems grass is green..

  2. I guess both are right! Each viewing it from their own perspective.

  3. @Ramesh - :) The grass is always greener on the other side. But on a serious note, I haven't heard anyone complaining except the agent mentioned in the post.

    @Radha - Conundrum?


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