Anger and Rage

"Write down the cause of the anger in a piece of paper. Then burn the paper. Watch it turn to ashes. Your anger will dissipate as the paper turn to ashes". This is what a radio host preached. I was listening to this program a few years back. It was on a new radio station in my city of residence at that time. The radio station was gaining popularity very rapidly although it was new. It was advertised as a woman's channel.

Why was I listening to a woman's channel? Was I trying to decipher the enigma that is woman? No to the last question. As far as I know, it was the only channel at that time which followed the US model of talk show radio. So, instead of the song-and-prize routine, there were hosts discussing current issues and people calling in with their views. I missed these kind of radio shows after moving to India from San Jose.

As I was going through a difficult time then, I decided to try out this method of dealing with anger. I narrowed the causes to two, wrote it down on a piece of paper and burnt it. I watched the ashes. But the anger did not settle down. In fact, the cleaning up of the ashes fueled more anger. That is when I realized it was not anger. It was rage. What do you in this state?

Footnote: In my case, everything worked out eventually by a stroke of luck. The causes however silly it might sound to you were my bosses a couple of layers up. They were exerting too much pressure for a futile operation. As luck would have it, there was reorganization. The bad apples went elsewhere. Normalcy returned as time passed.

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  1. Came here via Sujatha's blog.
    Nice write up...:)

    My bro is now in the same situation & I hope that the bad apples there are thrown to trash so that he can return to normalcy as well:)

  2. well... I don't really think that if you burn the paper your anger would go away... yet its worth giving a try ;)

  3. I think that is a good method to burn down our anger

  4. @deepazartz - Thanks for dropping by. I sincerely hope everything works out for your brother.

    @Tomz, @Madhulika - It didn't workout for me. It may workout for others. :|

  5. I believe in forgetting everything and making a fresh start. However, I will try this method next time...Nice concept and thought provoking...

  6. @Saru- Not sure if will work. :|

  7. bad apples...heheh, ya i know some can be really rotten

  8. @Sujatha- Experience speak volumes. :)


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