Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Breaking Traffic rules: A different perspective

A motor-vehicle riding on the wrong side of the road. A motorcycle rides over the divider to get to the other side. Aren't these sights common in India? How do you react to it? I get irritated on seeing these as the perpetrators are endangering not only themselves but also others. Recently, I talked to a management consultant who has been to India several times and also love India. Her take on this was surprising for me

On a visit to India, she was caught in a traffic jam. She noticed a rider on a motorcycle waiting impatiently in the jam. When the rider realized the entire exercise would mean an indefinite wait, he rode over the divider to the reverse lane. In order to ride over the divider, he had to find a few brick pieces since the divider was of a different height. In addition, he also had to let other people blocking his way to use the same technique.

My friend, the management consultant, has a different take on this incident which broke all rules and also should have astonished her. Indians are able to find a way out of tricky situation. They do not wait for things to happen. They make things happen.

Personally, I differ. You will find these characteristics regardless of race and creed. But what I learnt from the conversation is what many people often repeat. Keep your eyes. There is always a different perspective. It is indeed a fresh view of an issue which usually ends up driving up my blood pressure to the roof.

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  1. Yeah, traffic in India can be a real menace! People break rules everywhere. What irritates me most is when motorcyclists sometimes ride on the sidewalk meant for pedestrians on days when the traffic is too heavy! Besides, India is the only place where pedestrians do not get the first right on the road!

  2. nona bhai...Eid Mubarak..when u return from france i will collect some chocolates fm u..hahah..stress jada ho gaya haha..cheers buddy

  3. @Meera - Thanks for dropping by. Yes, there are no sympathy for the pedestrians.

    @Ramesh - Eid Mubarak to you too. :) Chocolates when I return.

  4. aah! i like the analogy, indians find their way out :) to be true, i think its aptly said...i have seen how english and other folks are fooled by teams from india :) [i worked in an IT company and some work was done by a team in india]

  5. @Chintan - Thanks for dropping by. :) The analogy was used in a positive manner. Not for non-delivery kind of way. I specifically say non-delivery because you worked in an IT company. :)

  6. A creative outlook as far as the management consultant is considered. But, yeah at times just because of a crap not following traffic rules leads the whole public into never ending wait. I'm blessed to study in Chandigarh where people take utmost care to follow traffic rules.

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  7. @Rachit - Thanks for dropping by. I hear Chandigarh is more disciplined and also well planned city.

  8. I agree.... people in India never follow the traffic rules. They risk their life and others live as well :(


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