Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A dad helping his son

Parents can act in a funny manner. They can come down with innocent and funny remarks making you look like a not so intelligent person at inopportune moments.

A group of young men had rented out an apartment in National Games Village, Bengaluru. Recently, all of them had graduated and ended up in jobs with comfortable salaries. The comfortable salary part is a quote directly from the source. As part of celebrating their independence both from scrutiny and financial pressures, they ended up partying often. Now, no party is complete without loud music. This part of the celebrations usually ended up as a nuisance for the boring and hard working neighbors.

A neighbor who is also a young man came over to complain about the loud noise. At the door, he was greeted by my young friend. After assessing the complainant, my friend did what he is good at. He smirked and casually asked him to take a hike without abusing him. But that was not the end of the story. The young neighbor returned after a couple of days. This time, he was accompanied by his dad. As luck would have it, my young friend greeted both of them at the door. Seeing an older person, my friend again did what he is good at. He spoke respectfully interjecting ji at every place possible.

The neighbor’s dad listened to both sides. His eyes searched the apartment. Then he said, “Why don’t you guys invite my son too next time you party? You guys should take him out with you. Anyways, he does nothing other than sitting at home”.

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  1. That was a perceptive dad, wanted to help his son to get friends and some fun! :)

  2. @Sunil Deepak - :) I agree with you

  3. the neighbor should have brought his mom along ... ;)

  4. @Laks - :) Then the neighbor and my young friend would have met their nemesis.

  5. Looks like 'ji' impressed the dad .

  6. @Kavita - Yes. Yes. He is a very smooth operator.

  7. haha smooth operator..nona bhai..have fun


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