For Europeans, August = Vacation

My releases are on track. But I'm sure they will not perform any testing in the agreed timeline. As a result, they will ask for extension. Who is going to pay for the cost of extending the schedule? I'm not going to absorb the extra cost because these Europeans are going on vacation!

These words, politically incorrect at many places, was uttered by a a friend who is also a Delivery Manager. It was an anguish-ridden cry. Yes, "Delivery Manager" is not only a fancy title but also one with full of responsibilities. In common parlance, the job is likely to be a DTC all the time - from your employer and also the customer.

The conversation took place four years back around June-July time frame and the cause of anguish was his Swedish customer. Although I listened to him in utmost sincerity, I did not understand his predicament at all. Everyone goes on vacation. There is always a backup when someone goes on vacation. Then, what is he worrying about?

Four years later, I am in Paris now. I realize the reason for his frustration. In the month of August, there is nothing happening anywhere in Europe. How can something happen here when the entire workforce is on vacation? The moment I stepped into the office on 1st August, I was welcomed with eerie silence. It took me some time to realize there were fewer people than usual.

August is the month to vacation for Europeans. According to Parisians, a sect of Europeans, it is the month to take off from Paris and leave the city to tourists. The "integrated" immigrants also are on vacation during this time. Some of the mom-and-pop stores run by immigrants remain closed during August. They promptly display the date of reopening on the closed door. This forces people like me to search for cheaper food in other avenues.

In case you are planning on invading Europe, August is a good time.

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  1. What is May to India, August perhaps is to Paris. Even then May is not this bad in India.

  2. @Hariharan- Thanks for dropping by. Believe me, May is nothing compared to the August in Europe. :)


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