Isola dei Pescatori, a perfect island to forget your worries

Isola dei Pescatori is one among the three islands a few minutes boat ride away from the quiet little town of Stresa. Stresa lies on Lake Maggiore on the Italian side. The lake is shared by Italy and Switzerland. It is also the second largest lake in Italy.

Don't visualize a majestic island which is well connected with modern transportation. Instead imagine an island which can be covered on foot in 15 minutes. Imagine an island where the mode of entry is using a boat or swimming from Stresa. Even if you are able bodied swimmer, I do not recommend the latter option. For boats, there are different operators and attractive packages.

Pescatori was a fishing village. Now the smells arising from the restaurants spread around the island are the reminders of the past. You are greeted with shops selling souvenirs and also straw hats. The hates makes perfect sense as it is very hot in here at this time of the year. Your eyes go weak in the sun. You can walk along the coastline and crisscross the island wherever possible. While crisscrossing the island, you walk through narrow alleyways flanked by buildings that are mostly restaurants. There are wooden benches all along coastline for you to sit down and enjoy the nature.

The tips of the island has been converted into places where you can do various activities like sport (volleyball), swimming or nature-gazing. You could sit here for hours forgetting your worries.

See below for pictures taken from the other islands.

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  1. wow... this island seems like heaven to me...
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  2. @Madhulika - Thanks as always. :)

  3. yes nona bhai...super post n super pix..hey i am lucky yar..MIL is still in chennai.hahah

  4. Enjoyed it. Loved the 4th photo from the top.

  5. - Thanks for dropping by. Glad to hear you enjoyed the pictures.

  6. @Vaz - Thanks. I had fun. :)


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