Milano, the city that rises up again and again

After being plundered multiple times, Milano rebuilds itself often transforming the city landscape. It is like a fighter that refuses to give up. Raids, plunder, revolts and plague were not able to dampen the spirit of the city. Every time, it emerged stronger and more elegant.

The city offered a welcome change from Paris. The weather gods over here are not unsure like their counterparts in Paris. The resident gods were determined to give a lot of sun for tourists like. In August, the residents behave the same as those in Paris. They flee from the city.

My first experience in the city was not pleasant. While taking the Metro tickets from the automatic vending machine, a lady materialized out of thin air to help me. She not only helped me to procure the tickets but also to charge extra Euro and swindled another 3 Euros from me. How did I manage to lose 4 Euros? I'm still figuring it out.

All the worries vanished as I soon as I stepped out of the Metro into Piazza Duomo. Right in front of me was the towering Duomo. The cathedral is an imposing figure which tells the story perseverance of the clergymen and townsmen to build something for the rest of the world to visit and gape in awe.

On the outside, the walls are adorned with sculptures of all sizes and shapes. You could also find tourists feeding the pigeons. A man came forward and thrust his open hand toward me. He was giving me a handful of grains to feed the pigeons. I politely refused. How can I fall for another tourist trap?

The interior of the church contains mausoleums, crypts and stained glasses. There are stories encrypted on the stained glasses.

You can also go up the roof either by climbing 250 steps or using an elevator. I chose the steps. Although tiring, the view from the roof was rewarding.

First of all, walking on the roof admiring the complex sculptures is devoid of danger. Yet, you feel like an adventurer racing the rooftop adorned with artwork escaping an imaginary assailant. Most of the pointed structures on the top end in a saintly figure. It gives out an illusion of these saints are watching over the city.

Once you have admired the city from the rooftop, you can climb down and walk into Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It hosts a lot of restaurants and also shops. Towards the centre, there is a bull on mosaic. Stomping on it's testicles brings you good luck. For a man, it is extreme pleasure of kicking another male where it counts. My sadist streak became dominant on seeing the mosaic bull.

When you walk out of the gallery, there is Teatro alla Scala, the local theater. There is a statue of Da Vinci in this piazza.

A short walk from the theater is the fashion district. It is aptly called so for you will find all the world famous and the very expensive brands over here. You name it, you get it.

You can also take the Metro to the Meazza stadium which is also known as San Siro stadium. It is the stadium for the local teams - AC Milan and Inter Milan. Taking the guided tour will reveal a lot about the conflicting philosophies that govern these teams.

You can end the day by having your brand of poison or food near the canal or navigli as it known locally.

Foot note: For touring Milan, you should have 2 days in hand.

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  1. u stomping the bull...LOL

    lovely post again...the country is coming alive with ur writeup n pics

    btw, u look very different in ur profile pic n d one u put here

  2. Oh, God you are indeed having a very nice time visiting all these lovely places.Are you on a vacation, a good one too, with no family, enjoying yourself. But i am sure you must be missing them sometimes.

  3. @Sujatha - :) Thank you. I'm the same person. The weight issue probably. The weight goes up and down giving me a different look all the time. ;)

    @Rama - It is not a vacation in a European style. It is more of weekend getaways. Yes, I do miss family. But this short vacations are necessary to fight boredom, stagnation and also to preserve sanity. :)

  4. Wow! Awesome to be able to travel to these places. Lovely pics!

  5. @Nishitak - Thanks for dropping by. :)

  6. @Radha - It is a nice place to visit. :)


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