Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

In 1942, Johann Schmidtt(Hugo Weaving) attacks a village in Norway and takes a tesseract using force from the local church. Using the tesseract, Johann is able to harness massive energy. Subsequently, he decides to break away from Hitler and take his organization named Hydra to another level. Meanwhile in New York, Steve Rogers(Chris Evans) repeatedly tries to enlist in the army, often lying about his details. He is always rejected on medical grounds. Steve is a weak little man who is determined to serve his country during the war. His best friend Buck Barnes is enlisted leaving Steve alone in the city. During an attempt to get enlisted, Steve meets Dr Abraham Erskine(Stanley Tucci). Erskine is impressed by Steve's earnestness, perseverance and innate goodness. As a result, Erskine overrides the protocols and selects Steve for the army.

Steve is recruited for the "super soldier" experiments program which is run by Colonel Chester Philips(Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent Peggy Carter(Hayley Atwell). In the ensuing days, Chester and Peggy sheds their doubts and are convinced about Steve. The day before the experiment is conducted, Erskine confides in Steve. Erskine was injected the serum, which was a work in progress, into Johann. The serum had side effects. After the first attempt, Erskine realized the serum makes good to great and bad to worse. So, he needed a good man to conduct the newly perfected serum. Moreover, he chose a weak man because a weak man will realize the importance of power. According to Erskine, Steve will be perfect foil for Johann.

The operation to transform Steve succeeds. But a jubilant Erskine is assassinated by a killer sent by Johann. The killer consumes cyanide before Steve can apprehend him. With Erskine gone, the "super soldier" program is scrapped. Even the smart Howard Stark(Dominic Cooper) is not able to decode the machinery constructed by Erskine. A dejected Steve is paraded as symbol by a politician to generate money for scientific programs and also to motivate people. On a promotional tour in Italy, Steve discovers his friend Buck has been captured by Hydra. Steve decides to take matters into hand with the help of Peggy. Soon, a super hero is born.

Joe Johnston directs this entertaining action movie. It is a story of a simple man trying to make a difference to the world. When he is endowed with superpowers, he is able to able to help everyone around with his powers and intentions. The story has everything to entertain and also to connect emotionally. The movie also scores on CG effects. Steve and Captain America have different physique. This is achieved through CG. The third act is where the action begins. The action on the top of the train and also the final fight to capture Johann are worthy of mention.

Chris Evans is perfect as the title character. He convinces us Steve and Captain America are two different persons with his performance. Steve is unsure and adamant while Captain America is a young guy to whom new opportunities have just opened up. Hugo Weaving is unrecognizable behind the costume and the accent. The rest of the performers stick to their part of making Steve/Captain America look good.

Though it drags a bit in the second act, the overall movie is entertaining. This is recommended.
Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: ***

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