Movie Review: Conan The Barbarian

In order to crush the Acheron king, the barbarian tribes unite to conquer them. In order to crush their power after defeating the Archerons, the barbarians break the supernatural mask into pieces and store each piece from it with different tribes. Years later, Conan is born in the battlefield to Corin(Ron Perlman). As a young boy, Conan displays the characteristics of a warrior. A pleased Corin builds a sword of steel for his son. Before Corin could mentor Conan into a warrior, their village is attacked by Khalar Zym(Stephen Lang). Khalar causes Corin's death and steals the piece of mask hidden by Corin. For Khalar Zym, this is the final piece he is looking for.

Years later, Conan(Jason Momoa) is a grown man waging wars against tyrants with the help of his friend Artus. One day while rejoicing in a bar with Artus after a battle, Conan finds Ela Shan hiding from a group of soldiers. Conan identifies the leader Lucius to be the man who accompanied Khalar Zhym. Conan gets captured along Ela Shan in order to interrogate Lucius. When Conan gets the upper hand, Lucius squeals the whereabouts of Khalar Zym. Meanwhile Khalar Zym and his daughter Marique(Rose McGowan), who is also a witch, are in search for a pure-blood woman Tamara(Rachel Nichols). How all these characters cross path culminating in Conan's revenge forms the rest of the story.

Marcus Nispel directs this action film which starts off well but soon loses momentum. Marcus tells us the beginnings of Conan. In order to do this, he concentrates on his younger days and then how he avenges the death of his father. The younger days of Conan is interesting while the adventures of an adult Conan is not very interesting. To make the proceedings interesting, Conan does not win the first battle with Khalar Zym. But how Conan is able to overcome the initial shortcoming does not translate well into the screen. The movie has a lot of blood shed and gruesome scenes. At the end, the movie stands out only for the initial portions and imaginative set design accomplished with CG.

There are no performances worthy of mention.

Avoid it!

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: *


  1. Anything common with the old Arnie- movie?

  2. @Harish - Except avenging the father's death and semi-naked woman, there is nothing in common with the old Arnie movie.


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