Movie Review: One Day

Following their graduation party at Edinburg University in 1988, Emma(Anne Hathaway) and Dexter(Jim Sturgess) end up in Emma’s room. It is early in the morning and nothing sexual happens between them. Instead they spend time snuggling and falling in sleep. The day is 15th July, St Swithin’s day. For the next 23 years, their relationship goes through many ups and downs while they struggle to prove themselves in life and also to find how important both are for each other.

Lone Scherfig directs this drama based on an adaptation by David Nicholls of his own eponymous novel. Using one day in an year(15th July) for 23 years to tell the love story and also inner turmoil of the protagonists is an innovative way of story telling. This technique holds the attention of the viewer. This technique aided by performance and conversation helps the movie. The drawback of this movie is the abrupt ending.

Anne Hathaway steals the show with her portrayal of Emma. When she appears on the screen, all the players are relegated to the background unintentionally. Anne’s Emma transforms throughout the movie; from an smitten young girl into a woman lacking confidence to a woman who forever waits for Dexter to many more avatars. She takes the audience with her in this journey. Jim Sturgess has a role which is not too difficult to play. The other notable performances are Patricia Clarkson and Ken Stott as Dexter’s parents.

Perfect watch on DVD on a quiet evening.

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Rating: ***

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