Movie Review: The Resident

Dr Juliet Deveraux(Hilary Swank) searches for an apartment in New York after breaking up with her boyfriend. Juliet locates an old apartment with a good view. When the owner Max(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) offers her a good deal, she immediately takes it up and moves in the apartment.Max lives in the same apartment complex with his grandfather August(Christopher Lee). His grandfather had recently suffered a stroke. After the stroke, Max has been taking care of the building on his own.

Juliet is uncomfortable with August. On the other hand, Max is a charming man. Juliet is slowly attracted to Max. But inside the apartment, she hears strange noises at night and feels like being watched. Is the apartment haunted? Are there any other reason for these strange feelings? All these are explained in the rest of the movie.

Antti Jokinen directs this thriller. Although the movie unfolds at a leisurely pace, it still keeps the audience engrossed in the proceedings. At the same time, the theme of the movie is disturbing.

The movie rests on Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Max is both a difficult role and also done-to-death role. So, it is very difficult to bring freshness to the role. Jeffrey succeeds in doing this primarily because of his personality. For Hilary Swank, there isn't much to do other than going through the motions. But her histrionic abilities are evident in the scene where she realizes what is happening in her life. Christopher Lee is wasted in a minuscule role.

This is a good watch on DVD.

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Rating: ***

Tags: Movies,Hilary Swank,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Christopher Lee,Thriller