Thursday, August 25, 2011

Multi-purpose cannon

Picture 351 Cannon is a good weapon against approaching attackers. This serves as a good defense from a safe distance. You can see the picture of one in Gent. This reminded me the Jaivana in Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur. Both of them have common history. By history, I do not mean they originated from the same factory. Or did they? I'm not sure. But that is not the point I'm trying to drive.

Both has been fired only once. Jaivana one was fired to test it. It may be the location of the cannon on the small hill which prevented any attacks that warranted the use of the cannon. Similarly, the one in Gent was fired only once. But it was pointing to the wrong direction while firing.

If you observe the picture carefully, you will see a glass wall blocking the mouth of the cannon. What is it for? The answer is simple. People started using it as a garbage can and finally the city decided to close it up as a preventive measure. As you can see, littering is not only a problem in our cities but also European cities.

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  1. poited to the wrong direction while firing!!! WTH!!!

    hahah garbage disposal...d places ppl can think of :))

  2. @Sujatha - Yes, people can be stupid (firing the cannon) and callous( disposing garbage inside the gun)

  3. Well in such a case I would suggest you to check out the canon at Jaigadh fort, Jaipur.
    Its amazing.. I have never seen such a huge canon...

  4. @Madhulika - I guess you are talking the same thing I mentioned in the blog. Click on the link and check out the wiki page. Let me know.

  5. Glass on the mouth of cannon. Interesting fact. :)

  6. No.. it isnt the same I am talking about...
    Its kept in a place called jaigadh fort.. You gotta check that out... its huge..!!!

  7. @Chandrika - :)

    @Madhulika - Okay. I will check it out.

  8. Nice post. I have seen the Jai Van in Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur, which is really huge. This looks cool too. It was funny that this canon was used as garbage can :)

  9. Garbage can! Unique use of a cannon.

  10. @Kusum - Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it is funny.

    @Radha - We are very innovative.. Right? :)


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