Why do people move to Paris?

In Paris, I meet a lot of expatriates from different parts of the world. The common bonding factor is the ability to speak English. Among the people I meet, majority are from California. The climate in California is much better than what we have in Paris. Then why do these people leave the golden state of California and migrate to Paris? On that matter, why are people attracted to Paris?

There is a category of people who move into Paris for work. I fall under this category. This is the easiest reason to comprehend. There is another category of people who has moved into the city after finding their life partner. Both these categories have their own challenges to surmount. But the reason for move is easy to comprehend. It is the other categories for which the motive is not clear.

Recently, I met a gentleman who is a 4th or 5th generation San Franciscan and have adopted Paris as his home. During a stroll in the Pont Neuf area, this gentleman pointed to a hotel named Henry IV and recalled his first visit to the city in early 70s. While talking, his voice suddenly turned tender giving an indescribable emotional tinge to the message he conveyed. He was reliving memories. I was not able to ask him why he made the decision to move.

There were others who are temporarily in the city because they are between jobs. But they are not looking for a job in the city. One of them had been recently laid off from work. Instead of looking for another job, she decided to take a break in Paris. She was traveling all around France at time I met her. Another one of them has moved into the city for rejuvenate. According to her, this sojourn will help her creative juices running. Both of them do not belong to the Fashion industry for which the city is famous for.

Then, there is another category. They spend a part of the year in another country like USA and the rest of the time here. In most instances, the climate in Paris is much worse than where they come from. Still, why do they move here?

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  1. There are a lot of things people do that cannot be explained by them. Nor can it be understood by the listener.

    Just take it as, it zimbly brings a smile on their face when they hit the bed :)

  2. I like living in Bologna very much and wouldn't like to move to Paris but I can guess some reasons - the ambience, watching the beauty of houses and streets, the curves of the river with the wonderful architecture all around, the wonderful museums, the hidden stories behind every street, the music ...

  3. i think Paris is a cool place for art and artist!

  4. @Laks - I was wondering out loud and checking if anyone can answer.

    @Sunil Deepak- Thanks for dropping by and also for sharing your thoughts. At the same time, the city is also crowded.

    @JoshiDaniel - You know what? There are some serious photographers around here. They always have their cameras with them and shoot pictures of the various buildings. Do you plan to move here?

  5. I think Paris has a beat that makes one align to itself! its a beautiful city!


  6. We Malayalee folks leave beautiful kerala and work in middle eastern deserts. So climate may not be a factor.

  7. @K10 - Thanks for dropping by. So according to you, Paris is enchanting. :)

    @Harish - True. I am not talking about Malayalees here. In fact, I haven't yet come across any Malayalees in Paris. Someone told me there is an association for Malayalees in Paris. I need to check it out. You see... I have to contribute to regionalism in the middle of nowhere. ;)

  8. Good interesting Q raised.

    There are a few good reasons:

    1. Weather is NOT everything. Its crucial for you and me but there are many who yearn for the cold and darkness of winters...and the wet.

    2. Paris has that magnetic vibe which attracts people from all over the world. Art, culture, architecture, style, love, sex! You guess it! ;-)

    3. Paris is a cultural melting pot; one among the original 3 Alpha World Cities; others being NYC & London. You'll find the same feature in those 2 cities as well, they're just iconic.

    4. Statement. It's a statement to live in Paris. That OH! factor. You can say you're in Paris, London or NYC. If you say France, then some people may not know. Say London and even my granny may know what it is!

    I'm sucker for cities and their characteristics Nona. Paris is on my 'must-see' list. Someday... :)

    Nice post btw.

  9. @ScorpioGenius - Thank you. Now, that you have listed out all the points, it makes a lot more sense. Most of us know about #2. But the other points were always there in the back of the mind but never seem obvious while thinking about it.

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