Books: Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki writes this book explaining the importance of enchantment to influence people without creating bitterness. For enchantment to work, one has to be likable and trustworthy. After improving on the scale of likability and trustworthiness, one can launch ideas overcoming resistance and enchanting the audience. Technology is also a good tool for enchantment. The enchantment work at many different levels - on your customers, your employees and also your bosses. To provide all aspects of enchantment, Guy explain to the reader on how to resist it too.

This book is primarily a guide to promote your products. Guy uses simple language and on occasions humor in the book. Most of the initial chapters are amalgamation of concepts derived an average reader will find from many self-help books. These are presented in Guy's own style. On the later parts, the book concentrates on how to use technology to make enchantment. This is where the book stands out. At several places, the author asks to suck it up a bit (paraphrasing author's usage) to enchant your targeted audience. Although it raises a few ethical points, Guy uses this as one of the key points to make the entire thing to work. Every chapter ends with a short personal story shared by various people to illustrate the usefulness of the concepts.

This book provides a good read for the second half of the book which deals with using push/pull technology to enchant and also on ways to enchant your employees & your boss. The first half of the book is not very enchanting if you have been in the professional world for a long time.


  1. @Madhulika - Wait for few more years before you pick it up.


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