Comparison of women with products

Young Friend 1(YF1): Dude.. I do not know how to solve this problem.

Young Friend 2(YF2): What problem?

YF1: I ask girls to dance with me at the club. They tell me they are already with a guy.

YF2: *laughs* Elementary, Mr Watson

YF1: *confused*

YF2: Use the product analogy. That works for me.

YF1: Product analogy?

YF2: Yes, I tell them I compare women to products. So, I classify them into three types. Type 1 are the ones who are divorced. These are products which were rejected by customers. Type 2 are the ones who are single. These are products which have not attracted any customers. Type 3 are the ones with someone or married. These are products which are picked up by customers. The customer are extremely happy with this and do not want this to be replaced.

YF1: *still confused* So, how does that help?

YF2: You tell them they are Type 3. You might not get the girl. But she will definitely introduce to her friends.

Well, does it work? I do not know. Good luck!


  1. haha....hilarious...
    Like they say...'the good ones are always taken'...

  2. @Anjali - :) Yes, true. Aren't you talking about the good ones in men? :p

  3. arrey... trust me.. this wouldnt work :P

  4. @Hariharan - :D Next time I meet the young friend 2, I will pass the message.

    @Madhulika - :) I aint going to tell that to them. Let them make a fool of themselves. Then, I will blog about it. ;)

    @Chintan - Wise words. :)

  5. its lil rude... but still do blog about it... Lol...
    I am waiting for it... ;)

  6. Mona nahi toh Sona hi Sahi ;)
    Good idea actually.. :D

  7. @SpicySweet - he he. It looks like a solid idea. But not sure about the success(conversion) rates. :)


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