Friends for life... but how did they meet?

When I wrote about "How do you know each other" a few days back, little did I know that I would come across another interesting story how friends met each other for the first time. What I heard was an original & unique way of meeting and becoming good friends for life. I wonder how often they tell about their first meeting to others.

So, how did they meet? They met at one of the unimaginable places; at the loo. Before I explain, I want you to look back. Do you remember our kindergarten days? Well, I don't mean the noisy bunch that we were and the relay sport of crying. But, do you remember we used to tease those kids who had to visit the loo. Not for #1 but #2! Do you remember the stifled giggles when these kids back after answering the nature's call.

So, the friends I am talking about were two such kids who had to visit the loo at the same time. The maid at the kindergarten washed their bottoms one after the other. They formed a bond during the washing ritual which continues to this day.

Now, tell me what do you think about this "How do you know each other" instance?


  1. hehehe.. this was a funny story ;)

  2. ROFL!!!!!.....what a funny post....
    "the relay sport of crying" funny...
    as far as what I think about how they's funny and cute in it's own way...they are real 'chaddi buddies' in that sense... :D

  3. @Anjali - :) Thank you. So you like the real "chaddi-buddy" story.

  4. "Relay sport of crying" was hilarious indeed, thinking of those days. :)

  5. @Ashwini - :) Isn't that accurate? When one stops, the other one starts. It is a never-ending cycle.

  6. ROFL...washing rituals....nice one..


  7. "during the washing ritual which continues to this day"... héhé, no comment !

  8. @Mael - I meant about the friendship that continues to this day and not the washing ritual. :p


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