Jolly Pecker

Yes, you heard it right. Pecker, the slang for the male sex organ. This post is going to be about sex. Sex toys, to be precise. I came across a sex toy named "Jolly Pecker" in the office of one of my acquaintances. I learned a valuable lesson from the ensuing interaction with her.

She enthusiastically showed me the toy with the most infectious and innocent smile lighting up her face. Her colleagues sharing the workplace looked eagerly at me searching for shock and embarrassment. I was neither shocked nor embarrassed but amused. The toy resembled the top half of the male sexual organ placed on two wheels. It had a key protruding from the lower half. When the toy is placed on the table after keying, it moved and bounced.

Now, how did she get this toy? A colleague presented to her when she moved from the previous division to the current one. It was a going-away gift. Of course, the idea was to embarrass her. Was she embarrassed? No, she proudly displays this toy to her friends and tells the name of the person who gifted her this toy. So, the table have turned now and everybody teases the guy. This forms a valuable lesson for me. You can turn things around effortlessly with a positive attitude.

Footnote: I did take a picture of the toy. I decided against posting it here as I wanted this blog to be PG-13.


  1. Haha...good call about not posting the picture here....this post was hilarious, in India, if someone were to gift something like that to a girl, she would be mortified, and immediately tying rakhis to all men around her, lest they had a 'wrong' opinion of her...LOL....
    I agree about the positive attitude part at the end though....if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.... :-)

  2. Positive attitude...!!! Thats the thing that we really need :)

  3. @Anjali - :) I'm happy you enjoyed it.

    @Madhulika - :)


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