The Mean Competition

Competition can be mean. That is what I deduced from what the owner of the nearby Indian restaurant told me. I have come to love this restaurant for their paranthas and it's nearness to my home. I had discovered this restaurant by accident.

On Thursday, I invited some of my friends at work over to my apartment for an informal house warming ceremony which is locally known as pendaison de crémaillère. Please don't ask me to pronounce this beast. For the occasion, I ordered food from this restaurant. As the owner doesn't know my name, it was challenging to order food on the phone. There were a lot of questions. When the food was ready to be picked up, there were two voice-mails from the anxious owner.

The owner was happy to see when I went to collect my order. After giving me my order, the owner explained the reason for his anxiety. The competitors call up and place large orders which is never collected causing losses to the owner. The competition is also up to other nasty things too. As part of their smear campaign, they go to various websites and write bad reviews about the food.

Like I said, competition can be mean.

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  1. Oh thats competition..but businessmen should know how to tackle such instances

  2. that is hitting below the belt :(((

  3. @Tomz - Yes, that is competition. My point, running a business is not easy.

    @India's #1 Blog - Thanks for dropping by. Yes, below the belt.

  4. competition can be injurious too !

    Weakest LINK


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