Movie Review: Abduction

Nathan Harper(Taylor Lautner) lives with his parents Kevin(Jason Isaacs) and Maria(Mario Bello). He leads a carefree life. Kevin tries to teach discipline in Nathan by engaging him in boxing fights. Nathan likes his classmate Karen Murphy(Lily Collins). He also consults a psychiatrist named Geraldine Bennett(Sigourney Weaver) on a regular basis to discuss anger management and also the recurring dreams about a woman being murdered.

Nathan is delighted when he is partnered with Karen on a school project. While researching for the project, Karen finds a website for missing children. The website constructs the present picture of the missing child from an old photo taken. While exploring the site for fun, they hit on a picture which resembles Nathan. A curious Nathan calls the contact number from the website. The phone call kicks off dangerous events in the lives of Nathan and Karen involving a Russian mercenary Viktor Kozlow(Michael Nyqvist) and a CIA operative Frank Burton(Alfred Molina).

John Singleton directs this action movie about a kid searching for his identity in a dangerous world of espionage. Despite an interesting premise, the film fails to excite the audience because of a lackluster script and unimaginative treatment. The action starts very late in the movie and the chases are pedestrian. This takes away the fun.

The movie boasts of excellent actors. But they neither rise above the script nor are interested in the proceeding. Even Michael Nyqvist fails to impress.

Skip it.

Language: English

Genre: Action


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