25e Fete De Automne Paris 2011

This is something I came across by chance. Don't be surprised by the title. If you are in Paris and miss the Durga puja festivities back home, then here is your chance to be part of it away from home. The venue is Cite Universitaire. Located inside this beautiful campus, there are different buildings dedicated to international students. I could see Sweden, Mexico, Switzerland and oh yeah Etat Unis too. One among them is the building for Indian students identifiable by the string of flashing bulbs. Of course, the flashing bulbs will come off as soon as the Durga Puja is over and hopefully back when Diwali kicks in.

You are greeted with posters in French stating the name of festival, date and time of activities. There is also a huge banner of State Bank of India in Bengali. The auditorium is on the first floor. At the entrance, you are greeted with a wide variety of footwear giving the all-familiar feeling of visiting a place of worship. Inside the auditorium, there was a dance program by Indians and non-Indians. The audience was predominantly Indian. The men (and the boys) dressed casually and the women mostly in ethnic attire.

The festivities last till 5th October. The programs are from 8pm to 10pm. So, if you are interested in finding out more, here is the address.

Picture Courtesy: Nishanth Adu

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  1. That is nice. I am sure wherever Indians live, they will never forget their festivals. I hope you got some good prasad also to eat there.

  2. @Rama - This was the curtain-raiser. No food or prasadam on the day I visited. Yesterday was the big day. But I could not attend.


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