Tuesday, October 11, 2011

7 years of imposed abstinence?

When you raise a glass in toast and clink the glass on another glass, you enthusiastically say "Cheers". Or an equivalent of "Cheers". But what are your eyes doing at this point? Are they searching for the next glass to clink? Are they measuring the impact of the clink, fearful of breaking the glass? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then you are doing it wrong as you are supposed to look directly into the eyes of the other person.

Why? You may ask. The answer is simple. If you do not look directly into the other person's eyes, then you are jinxed with seven years of no sex. Yes, you heard it right. Seven years of no sex. That is too heavy a price to pay for such a small mistake.But where did this originate? I think it originated from the distillers. They want us to be relaxed after downing the drink. In order to make sure the relaxation happens, elevate the temperature with a no sex myth.

Do you know the irony of the whole thing? It works!

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  1. Of course it works - no one is willing to take the risk:)

  2. @Everlost - he he he. Yes, it works.

  3. Huh ?? Never knew this....maybe because I'm a teetotaler and haven't had many chances of a 'cheers'... haha...but good to know I must say.. ;-)

  4. @Anjali - It is what they say. I don't want the first one to break the jinx. ;)

  5. all these years, all the Cheers i sang, i remember all of my friends looking at the glass and not me. today i realise how come all of them are bachelors till date. :P

    have a nice day !!!


  6. Haha...will keep that in mind the next time I clink.

  7. @Rahul - Thanks for dropping by. So, now you know. Next time, be careful. :p

    @Purba - he he. Never take a risk with this one.

  8. lol never knew this, I will make sure to keep this in mind :-)

  9. @Aakash Kokz - Thank you for dropping by. Yes, it is a very important lesson.


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