Bachelor pads

I love visiting these places. It is neither the abundance of liquor nor the ever-present chaos that attracts me to this place. When I look around, I find tiny remnants of my past life in a bachelor pad. Yes, I do live like a bachelor now in Paris. But I have crossed over to the dark side. Once you have crossed, there is no coming back. That is the reason why I always ask for a maid to come to clean up my place once a week. Old habits die hard. I still can't tidy up my place!

Two weeks, I was invited over to a bachelor pad. "Please come over. My colleagues are also going to be there. We can cook Indian food". That was the mission statement. By the evening, this mission statement could enlist 6 participants including the two hosts. Considering the size of the apartment, 6 is a big number. The apartment itself turned out to be a spectacle; carpets that has seen better days, blackened tiles in the bathroom, overflowing makeshift garbage bin, an under-equipped kitchen. 

Have you seen an "overseas" bachelor kitchen? It is fully equipped yet not. This was one classic example. There are pressure cookers and non-stick pans of various sizes and shapes. But knives and spatulas are rare items. In this particular case, there was one knife and no spatula. No spatula resulted in sauteing using spoons. I took one look at the kitchen and I can picture a mother packing a suitcase for her son's relocation. The under-equipped kitchen was compensated by the abundance of gadgets. There was one iMac, one iPad and 2 iPhones. In addition to these, there were a set of golf clubs, broken furniture and several cardboard covers stacked on top of other.

I had heard about the broken furniture during my conversation with one of the resident bachelor. The table broke when an experiment went bad. Several phone conversations, in a span of two days, about a terrible hangover led me to the experiment gone haywire. Yes, I am inquisitive and I possess good interrogative abilities. I have nothing against experimentation. But what cracked me up was the sight of 2 tables and 1 chair resting in peace in one corner of the room. I'm pretty sure this collection was not acquired in one day. So, this indicates only one thing; a bad learning curve. At the same time, I like the perseverance. Try until you get it right.


  1. mmm...Interesting write-up.Dear Blogger Friend,Wish U a Warm and Happy Diwali.Enjoy the Festivities with taste-filled delights,Safe and Delicious Moments - Regards, Christy Gerald

  2. Indian kitchen is so sophisticated that one has got to memorise the location of each and everything kept inside the kitchen.....That's the advantage you experience, when u have an "overseas" kitchen!!!! Am I right???


  3. @Christy - Thank you. Happy Diwali to you.

    @SriramNivas - Nope. That was not my point. The "overseas" kitchen are frozen in time. It almost remains the same as what your mother packed. You never add more stuff to make it fully equipped.

  4. No comments on bachelor pads ;-)

  5. haha. Bachelor pads. Lol. Tell me about it!


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