Camaraderie and name calling on a Friday evening

Last Friday, I was invited to a non-decrepit waterhole situated near Boulogne - Jean-Jaures. My young friend from Kerala works right across the street. This waterhole is a favorite among his co-workers. I can safely say so as he is Mayor of this place on foursquare and has rightfully retains the position with nearly 70 check-ins. What I experienced here is the camaraderie reminiscent of Silicon valley firms.

All of his co-workers had come down to this place to celebrate the Friday evening. Considering the limited seating space offered, nobody else could be accommodated. Everyone was at different levels of intoxication starting from drunk upwards. The popular game was to call each other the aperture associated with the posterior part of the body. Of course, the people higher up on the ladder were the target of this game often. Another thing I noticed was the emphasis and decibel levels peaked while addressing a higher-up-in-ladder with this greeting.

It reminded me of the beer parties on Friday evening hosted by various Silicon Valley firm during the boom time. The main difference being absence of statutory warning associated with the Silicon Valley firms. Drink responsibly and have a designated driver in case you plan to have get drunk. This is not applicable in Paris because of the excellent public transportation system; except when they go on a strike.

Being in the middle rung of the ladder, I have been called an opportunistic, sly, not very intelligent and many more things when I was associated with such parties back home. I have never been called this particular anatomical part; at least not on face!

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  1. @Sucharita - Yes, it is a lot of fun. By the way, welcome back. I haven't seen you here for a lonnnnng time. :)

  2. There are fun things to do in Paris, and I am glad you are not behind in enjoying yourself.

  3. @Rama - :) Enjoying it as and when I can.

  4. really liked that - levels of intoxication - drunk upwards :)

    though i don't drink, i am witness to these "fun" night outs as my hubby loves his beer & his friends are a riot when drunk (well, even otherwise)

    (if intoxication = of intoxication - correction)

  5. @Sujatha - Welcome back from vacation. :) Thank you for the correction.


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