Comparing Technical interviews in India and abroad

Technical interviews! Yes, I am talking about the one where they ask all technical details like "how is the file transferred", "what happens when you rollback", "where event would write this data check immediately before the save giving you time to abort the transaction" etc etc etc. Luckily for me, my last technical interview was years ago and I emerged unhurt from the last one. But my friends have to go through the whole nine yards every few months. How boring! Then, we have to pay our bills too... no? 

On Saturday, the topic of "technical interview" popped up giving me unique insights about these conducted in India and also abroad. Now when I look back in time with the recently gained third person perspective, there is only one thing coming to my mind. It is so true; at least some part of it is true.

In India, a technical interview is like running across the field with guns constantly firing at you. The attackers never run out of ammunition and there are shots fired out from everywhere. So, the panel of interviewers embark on a mission to destabilize you. At the end when you are less confident and have also lost hopes, that is when you hear the golden words, "You are selected!".

Outside India (to be precise USA and Europe), a technical interview is a different ball game. How does this happen? The interviewer says "I know you know the answer. But I have to ask you this question." Apologetically, he asks the question. Under a normal scenario, it is an easy one to answer. In an exceptional scenario, it is a difficult one to answer. 

What do you do in an exceptional scenario? Admit you don't know the answer. That is the most honest approach. But there is another approach. Be very careful for I'm not sure about the results. So far, I have heard "claims" of this approach fetching results. So, what is the approach? Tell the interviewer "Oh come on! That is an easy one. Give me a difficult question to answer".

Good luck!


  1. In India, a technical interview is like running across the field with gun constantly firing at you.
    Well said !!!

    In Viva
    i was asked, What water is used in this experiment, " Hot water i replied "
    Sir asked me " What Hot WAter " LOL ..... i laughed out there and got just paasss !

  2. @Deepak - :) Been there, done that! I know the feeling. :)

  3. Hm.. Its taking a risk. Suppose he really asks a tougher one? Total babbabba. :D

  4. @Harish - he he he.. What did Gabbar Singh say about fear? jo dar gaya.... :)

  5. hehe.. it must be good then outside :)

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  6. Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.
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  7. @VeeEeeTechnologies - Thanks for dropping by

  8. Good post. I will be facing a few of these issues as well..


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