Life Lessons from a guru

There are many gurus offering help on how to live your life. My young friend had been to Germany to attend a satsang of one such guru. The satsang was an unnerving experience for him. The crowd was predominantly non-Indians. The guru was away in India where the base location is situated. My young friend was given books of enlightenment penned by this guru. He read through the book and shared his thoughts on this which was very entertaining for me.

In a nutshell, there are good things and bad things about the book. All the good things were taken from Bhagavad Gita. There is no points in guessing these are lessons which can be used as guiding principles of a good life. The bad things were the ideas and teachings originated from the guru himself. According to my friend, there were nonsense and foolish. The best part of the bad things were as one progresses in the book, there were contradicting lessons to what was taught earlier.

So, my friend brought this to the person who invited him to the satsang. The host replied, "I had the same questions while reading to the book. So when the guru came over to Germany, I asked him about it". Do you know what was guru's reply? The guru replied, "Yes. But that is life".

My friend is now convinced there is no art behind all this. The art should be preceded by a "F" to summarize all the hoopla around this.


  1. Always good to keep a sense of humor!

  2. @Everlost - I agree. That is only way to hold on to sanity too. :)

  3. @No. 1 blog - Welcome to this space. :) The last line was an original quote.

  4. Almost all gurus are bakwas people. The foreigners (non-indians) who attend their preaching are the biggest idiots.

  5. @Joshi - :) Strong statements...


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