Movie Review: Dream House

Will Atenton(Daniel Craig) resigns from his job to spend more time with his family and finish his novel for publication. Recently, Will had moved into the suburbs with his wife Libby(Rachel Weisz) and their two daughters - Trish & Dee Dee. The family is very happy in their new home. But very soon, Will notices a lot strange things about the house. He sees footsteps on the snow. Later he finds someone watching the house. He also finds a group of kids performing mock rituals in the basement of the house.

Will learns about the murder of the last occupants of the house. The wife and the two kids were murdered by the husband. The husband was shot in the neck by the wife before she died. A shocked Will approaches the neighbor Ann Paterson(Naomi Watts) for answers. But she is sympathetic but not very helpful. The cops do not help. So, Will decides to track Peter Ward, the previous occupant of the house. Will is shocked when the truth is revealed. But he doesn't believe the truth and decides to find out what really happened to the previous occupants.

Jim Sheridan directs this boring thriller based on a man searching for truth in a hostile environment. The movie opens in a very slow manner establishing the new home and the surroundings of Will Atenton. The viewer is aware of something amiss at this stage itself by several in-you-face technique used by the director. The movie actually picks up pace during the second act when Will learns the truth and decides to unravel the mystery. But then it loses charm. The ending is too contrived and also convenient to believe. All these factors act against the movie.

As for performance, it boasts of big names. But there is nothing to write about.

Skip it.

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Rating: *


  1. Daniel Craig is the ongoing James Bond, rite?

  2. @Anne John - Thanks for dropping in. It is not as creepy as it sounds; but definitely uninteresting.

  3. why don't to write reviews of hindi movies as well ;)

  4. @Madhulika - I used to write reviews for Hindi movies too. Now, I am in Paris and there no movies being released on the big screens here. :(


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