Salon du Chocolat 2011

Paris has a tradition of annually recurring event. Salon du Chocolat is one of them. Of course, this is about the famous institutions specializing in chocolates, famous chocolatiers, devices to make & display chocolates and a whole lot of chocolates. If you are chocolate fan, then this is the place to be. You can see it, sample it and also spend a lot of money on it. 

There is a fashion show at 5 pm everyday whose theme is also chocolate. But the entire place is so crowded , thereby a big disadvantage for the vertically challenged people like me. I could hardly get a glance of the proceedings at the back of the crowd. My photographer friend had come armed. He had two bags - 2 cameras placed in separate bags and a fold-able stool for additional inches in height. He ended up taking pictures while I glanced around. When I looked around, I chanced on the sweetest memory of the event - a beautiful French woman shorter than me looking helplessly at me, sharing my pain of not able to see the show. Kids were perched on shoulders of their dads; even some women on their men. Going to the gym pays off eventually for some!

There were tall fountains of chocolate similar to the one I came across in Brussels. It was hot liquid chocolate dancing down the fountain. The air around had the unmistakable smell of chocolate. Also featured is the Pissing boy who pisses chocolate instead of water.


  1. sounds decadent....everything including the pissing boy:)

  2. @Life U - I understand the pissing boy part. But you don't like chocolate?

  3. Just shared this post with my mother and she wants to visit Paris just for the chocolates. She is absolutely crazy about them. I love chocolates, but can't have them as I am allergic to them.

    Nona, I love the way you are giving me a glimpse of a Paris that is not usually written about and I am loving my journey through Paris. Thank you so much.

  4. @Sudhagee - This show is featured every year. Someone was telling me this was the 20th year or so. I have not validated it. The French has excellent pastries and desserts. I like them more than chocolates. So, when are you and your mom visiting Paris? :)

    Thanks for the encouraging words.


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