Parisian drivers park their cars close to one another on the streets. My favorite analogy for this phenomenon is cars kissing the bum of the one in front. I used to wonder how do the drivers take their cars out of this gridlock. But not anymore as I have seen it happening in front of my eyes. It can be summed up as Vroom... Thud... Vroom... Thud.

Parisian driver steps on the gas after turning the wheel away from the curb. The driver takes the car forward to the point of hearing a thud resulting from the collision with the car in front. Upon hearing the sound, the driver stops and reverses the car till the sound of next thud. This time, the rear of the car has hit the front of the car parked behind. The cycle is repeated a couple of times before the car smoothly slides into the road.

Last month, I witnessed a compact car being parked in front of a brand new BMW. There were a few loud thuds. After parking the compact car, the driver got out of the car and walked away nonchalantly without even throwing a cursory look at the BMW!


  1. wow.. this "vroom-thud-vroom" things is so damn interesting ;)
    I'll definitely give it a try sometime ;)

    by the way.. i love the title of this post :D

  2. wow all cars must be having bruised lips and tails!

  3. @Madhulika - Do not try it in India. You will get into trouble. :)

    @MagicEye - Most of the cars here have scratches.


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