Sunday, October 16, 2011

Watching Paris from Sacre Coeur

You can see Paris from Sacre Coeur. The steps and the green gardens offer a space to relax for the many visitors coming to get a glimpse of Paris from this hill top. There are many vendors offering beverages of all kinds. What strikes me are the people sitting silently on the steps and focusing on Paris unaffected by the surrounding cacophony.


  1. First five seconds show a lovely view of Paris and rest of the clip clearly explains a Sacre Couer .Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, the silence is quite unnerving. Though I must say that I like it.

  3. @Sudhagee - All the people sitting on the steps were silent and enjoying the view. But the place was crowded with people and chatter.

  4. wheres my comment? :((
    posted one early in the morning

  5. @Sujatha - :) You commented on another video named "Random images of Paris".


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