Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why are we adamant to do the forbidden?

Please don't do it. Isn't that a surefire way of making us do the opposite? What is it that attracts us to perform a forbidden act? Is it our latent desire to defy authority? If you are wondering the reason behind my sudden outburst, let me tell you it was all because of last evening. Last evening, I went to a cocktail party organized by a company who rents Harley-Davidson motorbikes in Paris.

Oh come on, do I like adventurous enough to rent one? I was accompanying my young friend who had rented a Harley-Davidson a few months back. He was invited and I tagged along. Being a photography enthusiast, he took a lot of pictures of motorbikes when the party organizer approached with a request. The owner requested not to take pictures of people who belonged to a famous motorbike club identifiable by the clubs's name prominently displayed all over their attire.

What did my friend do? He slyly took pictures of their jackets. He wouldn't have taken the pictures if the owner had request not to. That make me winder why we are adamant to do forbidden things.


  1. Its because the forbidden fruits are the sweetest ;)

  2. @Madhulika - There is something enchanting about the forbidden fruit

  3. Haha...I agree with madhulika...
    It's like this, if I tell you to not think about 'white elephants'...what you do ??? Think about white elephants, right ?? my saying it actually brings more attention to it, so likewise, once something is said to be beyond the boundaries of what we can do, then automatically we are drawn to it, and wanna see for ourself why is it that we are not allowed to do it....and it is also that little streak of rebellion that we all have to test the boundaries of our conduct just a leeetle bit...well maybe some have that streak more than others...hehe

  4. @Anjali - This is a surefire way to make us respond positively. If you want someone to think about "white elephants", tell them not to think about it. ;) In my case, my friend did not get into trouble because of clicking the picture. I'm glad.

  5. @Nona: Hahaha

    @Madhulika: It can't be always sweet :)

    For me, I feel challenged when someone asks me not to do something. I mean, "Who the hell is he/she to instruct me".

  6. Interesting post. But very often, it is this attitude that makes Indians break rules because rules apparently are not meant for them!

  7. Umm... The best things are either free or stolen! :P

    Your friend just clicked! :)

    Indie :)

  8. @Kumar Bibek - Primal instinct?

    @Richa - Thanks for dropping by. I think you will find this attitude regardless of nationality. There are so many people who loves to challenge authority.

    @Indiana Amrita - Thanks for dropping by. :)

  9. for me its the thrill of knowing 'lets see what happens'

  10. @Sujatha - Welcome back. For majority people, it is the same feeling. Pushing the limits...

  11. @Abu - The photographer has not shared any pic with me. ;)


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