Friday, November 11, 2011

Cat and Mouse game

It is a cat and mouse game. This is how my friend described the courtship or the romantic phase of a relationship. By the time the conversation steered into the game, we were high on "spirit"s. But the usage amused me. The words cat and mouse brings back the memories of episodes of Tom & Jerry on TV - near captures, narrow escapes, constant mishaps.

Anyways, the issue is simple. Yesterday, my friend bumped into someone, whom he previously met in a bar, near his workplace during the lunch hour. They exchanged numbers. He sent her a SMS later in the evening. Now, he is constantly checking his phone for a reply from her. Quoting my friend, if there was a "F5" button to refresh on the mobile, it would have been rendered useless by now with the frequent usage. I warned you. He was high on spirits! According to my friend, courtship is all about alternate cycles of varying lengths of interest and "feigned" disinterest. You never show all your cards at once. You reveal it one by one. So, he should not have send the SMS so quickly thereby indicating his interest.

For me, it was a lot of games and references to games. Accuse me of oversimplifying complex matters. My friend sends a SMS at 7:30 pm and expects a reply by 8:00 pm. On top of that, it is start of a long weekend here in France. There is no cat and mouse game here! She has made plans for the long weekend. Any sane person would do the same! Now, move on.


  1. haha good one yar...enjoyed reading..

  2. LOL! Whataay way to view the relationship! F5 in phones? Sync will do the job I guess. If it is a smart phone.

  3. @Sahana - Yes, whatay way to look at courtship phase of a relationship. As I said, he wanted to highlight how often he was checking messages. ;)

  4. poor guy! i so know what he is going through or went through rather

  5. Cat and mouse is quite apt as there is a pursuer and a pursued involved. :-)

  6. Interesting. Courtship in my time was sans cellphones, limited landlines, no multiplexes.... so genuine interest had to be conveyed by various complex old fashioned methods! Good read.

  7. @Sujatha - he he. He will survive. ;)

    @Sudhagee - Yes, the pursuer and the pursued. Sure it makes sense.

    @Radha - Well, I was not far away from that period. No multiplexes and no cellphones. The old fashioned way was to write letters... handwritten letters... I guess.


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