Is he dead?

Yesterday, I was the recipient for a wonderful act of caring. You might have friends who care and worry about you. That is what are friends are for. I have friends who have complained about lack of communication from my side. "What is happening with you?". The "I would like to know" is deliberately omitted. Unspoken but difficult to miss the point. Yesterday was taking the care and the worry to a new level.

What was happening yesterday? Three of us were to go to a friend's house for dinner. After many rounds of talks, my apartment was chosen as the meeting point. This works out best for the person with a vehicle. He doesn't have to drive all over the city to pick up all the participants. Everyone reaches my place. We load ourselves into his vehicle and drive to the destination.

So, my young friend sends me a SMS indicating the probable arrival time. I promptly reply back. Then, something happened. Fatigue set in. I dozed off. When he arrived, I didn't pick up the phone. I put my phone on silent mode because my Indian self is slowly fading out. Gone are the days of fancy caller tunes and loud ring tones. I have to keep the phone on silent mode so as not to disturb the tranquility of the working environment. The western world aka the developed countries are sentimental about this aspect! My young friend panicked. He called me several times and he was worried. Luckily, nature took it's course. I woke up soon from the much needed nap and saw the missed calls. I opened the door and let him in. 

What was he thinking when I didn't pick up the call? He went melodramatic and assumed I was on the verge of dying. He was checking for the French equivalent of "911". This is the point where I am confused. Should I be happy for having a friend who cares? Should I  be worry about my white hairs? I agree it was a wonderful act of caring but still I can't help wondering...


  1. Friends spell L-I-F-E..
    but as far as your question at last is concerned... I'd say.. You better get married then your friends wouldn't worry so much for you :P

  2. @Madhulika - I agree with almost everything.. I said "almost". I'm married. Search for daughter on my blog and you will find many posts about her. :)

  3. @Madhulika - Not to worry. I have written very little about her in the past few months. Reminds me I have to start doing it. ;)

  4. You should be happy about the friend who cares. What are friends for!

  5. @Radha - I'm happy regarding that matter. :)


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